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  • My Israel - DELUXE PACKAGE- Complete Series PLUS Film Festival Version

    Canadian Journalist Ralph Benmergui encounters points of view from all sides, from left-wing peace builders to right-wing settlers. He attempts to reconcile the egalitarian progressive Judaism he practices in Canada with the ultra orthodox minority who would tell him that his own children are not Jewish enough. He will travel through the West Bank and Jerusalem to the hip cafe's of Tel Aviv observing Israel not as a journalist, but as a Canadian and a Diasporic Jew who, whether he likes it or not, is forever tied to this small patch of holy land.

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  • My Israel - Film Festival Version

    A 52 minute film version edited from the original 5-part series. A shorter version of the series for those that prefer to watch My Israel as a single piece

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  • My Israel Episode 1: Jerusalem

    The big journey begins as Ralph visits his mother, seeks counsel before flying to the holy land . He looks up an old friend from high school and makes a new friend in Palestinian film director Mohammed Elatar.

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  • My Israel: Episode 2: The Wall

    Ralph visits two very different homes, one in a Jewish West Bank settlement of Efrata and the other in a refugee camp on the other side of the wall. Fascinating encounters happen in both sides.

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  • My Israel Episode 3: Race and Class

    Ralph comes face to face with an uncomfortable question he's had since he was a child...have Arab Jews been discriminated against in Israel?

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  • My Israel-Ep 4: Who is a Jew

    Ralph examines orthodox and reform Judaism and hears some incredulous stories.

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  • My Israel-Ep5-The Future

    Ralph contemplates what lies ahead for the Jewish State.

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